The AlmostMongolian Portfolio

DISCLAIMER: None of this is investment advice. The AlmostMongolian portfolio could be a mere figment of my imagination. The returns I provide for the closed positions could also be completely inaccurate and possibly also imagination. Don’t trust anything you read below.

I will update this page regularly based on changes

AlmostMongolian Portfolio:

Not many people get to experience seeing the AlmostMongolian Portfolio for the first time. Enjoy the moment. Saviour it.

Positions ordered by size(CB=Cost-Basis):

$GMX.TO Globex Mining Enterprises CB 0,76$ cad

$MIND    Mind Technology (preferred shares 75% common shares 25%) Preferred shares CB 13,27 common shares  CB 5,6 USD

Below article was written when I was 100% common, but when Mind announced the new vote terms I swapped most of the commons into preferreds for the arbitrage opportunity

$ILLM.TO Illumin Holdings Inc. CB 1,84$ cad

$ASTL      Algoma Steel CB 6,74$ USD  

$ESI.TO    Ensign Energy Services CB 2.76$ cad

$VXTR   Voxtur Analytics CB 0,28 cad

$VLE.TO Valeura Energy CB 3,53 CAD

$AOI       Africa Oil CB 2,34$ cad

$MMI.AX Metro Mining CB 0,0443$ AUD

$ACTHF   Aduro Clean Technologies CB 0,64$ USD

$PEI.V    Prospera Energy CB 0,075 cad

$QMCI      Quotemedia CB 0,22$ USD

SMSI 0.00%↑ Smith Micro Software CB 9USD

Closed Positions+Total Return of each closed position

Tracking starting from 1.4.2023. It starts from there because before that there was too much trading, too many transactions. I use total return because it includes dividends.

Ordered by how much money was gained or lost(not %):
Biggest gains or losses first and smallest last

8.12.2023 $PBR.A +71%

3.1.2024 $RZE.V -65%

28.5.2024 $MLX.AX +67%

17.5.2024 $ELR.TO +83%

14.12.2023 ZIM 0.00%↑ -22%

3.1.2024 Nasdaq-100 ETF short -14%

8.6.2023 $EC 0.86%↑ +17%

12.4.2023 $CGG.PA -7%  

2.11.2023 $CRMZ +2%